Startling Stories, Fall 1944, Earle Bergey Cover Artist, Click for a larger view

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YEAR-MONTH          AUTHORS                             PRICE

To check story titles and complete contents of a specific issue, please visit: Internet Speculative Fiction Database Magazines for Sale 10 Story Western Magazine 1952-FEB Mack Reynolds, Bruce Cassiday cover vgf $10.00 WES Adventure Magazine - Butterick Publishing, New York 1931-SEP 15 W.C.Tuttle, Hugh Pendexter cover . . vgf $12.00 ADV 1948-APR Four-Letter Word by Fredric Brown cover vgf $15.00 ADV 1948-SEP Four Blind Men by Fredric Brown cover . vg+ $12.00 ADV Amazing Stories Magazine Argosy Weekly Magazine - Frank A. Munsey Publishing, New York Magazine Index 1931-Jan 3 The Elephant Sahib (Part 5 of 6) serial by Talbot Mundy vg+ $12.50 ADV 1931-Feb 14 The Green Goddess (Part 3 of 6) by J. U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith nbc good $5.00 ADV 1931-Dec 26 Christmas Patrol, novelette by Frank Richardson Pierce vg+ $12.50 ADV 1931-Dec 26 covers detached, another copy gvg. $6.00 ADV 1932-Aug 6 Death by the Clock, shortstory by Ray Cummings 1934-Sep 22 Creep, Shadow! (Part 3 of 7) serial by A. Merritt vg+ $15.00 ADV 1934-Dec 8 The Immortals (Part 4 of 6) serial by Ralph Milne Farley vg.. $8.00 ADV 1934-Dec 22 A Grave Must Be Deep! (Part 4 of 6) serial by Theodore Roscoe vg+ $12.50 ADV 1935-Jan 6 Forty Dead Men, novelette by Raplph R. Perry vg.. $8.00 ADV 1935-Oct 5 Big League Bandit, novelette by Judson P. Philips vg+ $12.50 ADV 1937-Mar 13 Z is for Zombie (Part 6 of 6) serial by Theodore Roscoe vg+ $12.50 ADV 1939-Sep 16 Remember Tomorrow,Part 1 of 6 serial (cover by Belarski), Theodore Roscoe vg.. $8.50 ADV Blue Book Magazine - MacCall Corporation Publisher, New York Magazine Index 1942-MAR 3 novels, 1 novelet, 8 stories cover vgf $10.00 FIC Detective Book Magazine Magazine Index 1942-Spr "Mad Dog" short story by Fredric Brown vg.. $15.00 Detective Fiction Weekly Magazine Index 1941-Mar 22 "Life and Fire" by Fredric Brown vg.. $15.00 MYS Dime Mystery Magazine Magazine Index 1944-Mar "The Devil's Woodwinds" Fredric Brown fine $25.00 MYS Everybody's Magazine Magazine Information 1926-Jul V.24 n.7 "The Red Marauder" short story vgf. $10.00 FIC Famous Fantastic Mysteries Magazine Magazine Index 1938-Sep/Oct Issue #1 Merritt, Wellman, Cummings good $7.00 SF Fantastic Adventures Magazine Magazine Index 1948-11 McGivern, Gerald Vance . . . . cover . . . vg.. $8.50 SF 1949-08 R.M. Williams, Rog Philips. . . cover . . . vg.. $8.50 SF 1950-11 Mack Reynolds, John Jakes . . cover . . . . vg. $12.50 SF 1951-01 Clifford D Simak, John Jakes cover . . . . vg+ $15.00 SF 1953-01 McGivern, Dakin, Jarvis, Geier cover . . . vg.. $7.00 SF 1953-02 Rog Phillips, Storm, Jarvis cover . . . . . vg+ $10.00 SF Fantastic Story Quarterly Magazine Magazine Index 1950-SPR Issue #1 Hamilton, Weinbaum, Fearn . . . vg+. $7.50 SF Fifteen Western Tales Magazine 1950-02 Appell, Michner, Tompkins, Fox, cover vg.. $5.00 FIC Other Worlds Science Stories Magazine Index Digest Size Magazine 1949-NOV 1st Issue, signed by editor Ray Palmer vg. $25.00 SF 1950-JAN Rog Phillips, Wes Amherst vg+. $6.50 SF 1950-SEP Van Vogt, Temple, Ackerman, E. E. Evans vgf. $7.00 SF 1950-OCT "The Frownzly Florgels" by Fredric Brown vgf. $7.50 SF 1950-OCT another copy vg.. $6.00 SF 1951-JAN Reynolds, Temple, Stanley Mullen vg+. $6.50 SF 1951-MAR Fredric Brown, Reynolds, Sturgeon vg+. $7.50 SF 1951-MAR another copy gvg. $3.00 SF 1951-MAY "Red Coral" beautful cover by Hannes Bok vg.. $5.00 SF 1951-SEP "A Word from Our Sponsor", Fredric Brown vg+. $8.50 SF 1951-SEP another copy vg.. $6.00 SF 1952-JAN "These are My Children" by Rog Phillips vgf. $7.50 SF 1952-MAR Reynolds, E. F. Russell, Rog Phillips vg+. $5.00 SF 1952-APR "Tradition" by J. T. McIntosh vg.. $4.50 SF 1952-AUG "Please Me Plus Three" by Walter Miller vg.. $4.00 SF 1953-JAN Russell,deCamp, back cover by Hannes Bok vg+. $5.00 SF 1953-JAN another copy vg.. $3.00 SF 1953-FEB de Camp, Wollheim, R. M. Williams vg+. $5.00 SF 1953-APR Palmer, Frank Patton, David Reed vg+. $4.00 SF Pulp Size Magazine 1957-05 Falcons of Narabedla by M.Z.Bradley vg+. $6.50 SF Science Fiction Quarterly Magazine Magazine Index 1940-SUM No.1 "Life Inside a Wall" by Harl Vincent gvg. $5.00 SF 1941-SUM No.4 "Tarrano the Conqueror" Ray Cummings gvg. $5.00 SF Short Stories Magazine New York, D.McIlwraith, editor 1949-06 Gruber, Everett Raymond Kinstler cover vg+ $12.50 FIC Space Stories Magazine Magazine Index 1952-Oct No. 1 "Man of Two Worlds" by Bryce Walton vg.. $6.00 SF Startling Stories Magazine Magazine Index 1939-Mar Issue #2, Hamilton, Viril Finlay . . . . vg. $10.00 SF 1941-Nov The Gods Hate Kansas by Joseph Millard . vg.. $8.00 SF 1949-Nov Hubbard (Lafayette), Vance, Simak,Finlay vg. $10.00 SF 1950-Mar Men Must Die by Ward Hawkins, Finlay . . vg+. $8.00 SF 1950-Jul Purpose by Ray Bradbury, Vance, Brackett vg+ $15.00 SF 1950-Sep Harpers of Titan[Captain Future]Hamilton vg+ $15.00 SF 1950-Nov Tough Old Man by L. Ron Hubbard, Vance . vg+ $20.00 SF 1951-Jan Moon of the Unforgotten Captain Future] vg+ $10.00 SF 1951-Nov The Gamblers by Fredric Brown & Reynolds vgf $15.00 SF another copy rc.. $3.00 SF 1952-Apr Last Days of Shandakor by Leigh Brackett vg+ $10.00 SF 1952-Jul Mr. Circe by Miriam Allen deFord, Finlay vgf $10.00 SF 1952-Sep Big Planet by Jack Vance, Virgil Finlay gvg. $6.50 SF 1952-Oct Throwback Miriam Allen deFord, Finlay . vg+. $6.00 SF 1952-Dec Whoever You Are by Judith Merril, Finlay vg+. $7.50 SF 1953-Jan Three-Legged Joe by Jack Vance, Finlay . vg+. $7.50 SF 1953-Feb The Monkey's Fingers by Isaac Asimov . . vgf $10.00 SF 1953-Apr Halos, Inc. by Kendell Foster Crossen . vg.. $4.00 SF 1953-Jun Moth and Rust by Philip Josť Farmer . . vgf $10.00 SF 1953-Oct The Unforgiven by Edmond Hamilton,Finlay vg+. $5.00 SF 1954-Jan A Present for Pat by Philip K. Dick . . vgf $12.50 SF Strange Stories Magazine Magazine Index 1939-02 1st Issue, Bloch, Kuttner, Wellman cover . vg+ $35.00 FAN Texas Rangers Magazine 1957-FEB Jackson Cole, Philip Ketchum cover vg+. $8.50 WES Thrilling Wonder Stories Magazine Magazine Index 1947-Dec Bradbury, Kuttner, Earle Bergey cover vg. $10.00 SF 1948-Apr Bradbury, Brown, Finlay, no back cover rc.. $2.50 SF 1949-Aug The Naming of Names by Ray Bradbury . . gvg. $4.50`SF 1949-Oct "The Planet Makers" by L. Ron Hubbard . good $4.50 SF 1949-Dec "A Blade of Grass" by Ray Bradbury . . gvg. $5.00 SF 1950-Feb "Payment in Full" by Ray Bradbury . . . gvg. $5.00 SF 1950-Apr Journey for Seven by John D. MacDonald gvg. $4.50 SF 1950-Jun "The Reversed Man" by Arthur C. Clarke gvg. $4.50 SF 1950-Oct Shadow on the Sand by John D. MacDonald vg.. $7.00 SF 1951-Feb "Man of Distinction" by Fredric Brown . vg.. $8.50 SF 1951-Feb another copy gvg. $5.00 SF 1951-Apr Continent Makers by L. Sprague de Camp good $3.50 SF 1951-Aug The Dome by Fredric Brown, Clarke . . . good $4.00 SF 1951-Oct "Return" by Richard Matheson, Vance . . gvg. $5.00 SF 1952-Feb "Abercrombie Station" by Jack Vance . . vg.. $8.50 SF 1952-Apr "Public Eye" by Anthony Boucher, Finlay vg.. $6.50 SF 1952-Jun Letter essay by Harlan Ellison, Finlay good $5.00 SF 1952-Oct "The Bird of Time" by Wallace West . . vg.. $6.50 SF 1952-Dec "Canterbury April" by Raymond F. Jones vg.. $6.50 SF 1953-Feb "The Virgin of Zesh" by deCamp . cover vg.. $5.00 SF 1953-Aug "Fishing Season" by Robert Sheckley . . vg.. $6.50 SF 1953-Nov "The Transposed Man" by Dwight V. Swain vg.. $6.50 SF 1954-Win "Prize Ship" by Philip K. Dick, Finlay vg.. $8.50 SF Western Rangers Magazine 1954-APR Gordon Sherriffs, Richard Ferber cover vg+. $8.50 WES The Wide World Magazine - Magazine for Men Magazine History Magazine Covers 1916-May "?Zapata - Patriot or Bandit - Which?" vg+. $7.50 Wonder Story Annual Magazine Index 1951 "Twice in Time" by Manly Wade Wellman . . vg.. $3.50 SF 1953 "Nothing Sirius" by Fredric Brown,Bradbury rc.. $2.50 SF