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SAN DIEGO, CA 92126-3516, USA

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What/Who is Rudy's Books?
Rudy's Books is an Internet bookstore. It's owned and operated by me, Joe Roth, selling books since 1985, on the Internet since 1997. I do business from my home in San Diego, California. The mailing and email addresses are:

Rudy's Books
8041 Port Royale Dr.
San Diego, CA 92126-3516



I have large selection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and General Fiction paperbacks for sale. Also, you will find many vintage paperbacks and some hardcovers. Visit the main index/home page to start browsing my selection and my introduction page for information on my payment terms, book condition and more.

How do I order books?
There are several ways to order books:

1. Just print the Post Office mail-order form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form.

2. Write or type the list of books you want on a scrap of paper and mail it to me. Please include, author name, book title and price.

3. Send me an e-mail using the e-mail form to reserve books, then send the mail-order form with check or money order.

4. You can also use PayPal to pay for your books.

Can I search for books on your web site?
Yes, you can search for books using my Search and Site Map feature. The Search will allow you find all pages with keywords such as author names or book titles. The Site Map feature displays a list or table of all of the pages on this site.

How do I pay for the books? Do you take credit cards?
On domestic orders you can pay by check or money order. For orders from outside the USA, please use an International Money Order or a check drawn on a US bank. American Express Traveler Checks are probably the least expensive type of payment. I can also accept Canadian postal money orders issued in US dollars.
Rudy's Books now accepts CREDIT CARDS through PayPal.   www.paypal.com
PayPal is now available worldwide.

What happens if the books I want to order are sold?
It's always helpful if you supply a list of alternate books in case some from your primary list are sold. Please let me know if you will accept any edition of a title. I will substitute with an equivalent book of the same title. If I don't have that title and you didn't supply an alternates list, I will send a refund check. Sometimes if the refund is for less than $5.00 I will send cash.

How often do you update your book lists? How accurate is your list?
Book lists are updated daily as orders are pulled and new books are added. My lists are about 95% accurate. What you see is what's available. That 5% inaccuracy is usually due to books I have reserved for a customer.
Don't forget to hit your REFRESH/RELOAD button often to see the absolute latest information.

I'd like to order some books but I'm worried about using the Internet. How can you assure my privacy?
I can assure you that all orders and other communications you have with Rudy's Books will be strictly confidential. I will never use any of your personal information in any way except to provide you with the best service I can.

How long does it take to get my books?
I use US Postal Service, USPS, surface mailing for all orders except when other methods are requested. Surface mail takes about 7 working days to the East Coast. West of the Mississippi orders take 3 to 5 working days. Orders outside the US take about 7 to 10 days for airmail and 6 to 10 weeks for surface mail.

Who are your favorite authors?
In no particular order: Jack Vance, Fredric Brown, Larry Niven, Vernor Vinge, Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Tanith Lee, Ruth Rendell, P. D. James, Stuart Kaminsky, Robert Campbell.

What does "vg", "fine" etc. mean?

I use many abbrieviations to describe my books. Refer to book condition information for details on all my book grading. This page also has other information you may find helpful.

Do you buy books?
Yes, I'm looking for paperbacks primarily. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery. Let me know what you have.

Do you accept "want lists"?

Yes, but the volume of business sometimes makes it difficult. Send your list and I'll let you know what I have. If you don't hear back from me, I apologize, but it means that I don't have anything from your list. Check this web site often since new books are added often.