Fredric Brown
 Fredric Brown
 Born: Oct 29, 1906
 Died: Mar 11, 1972

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abbreviation stands for
( ) a possible alternate title
* possible dates
/ a, an, for the, from the, of the, the, to the, etc
// or \ a separation
[ ] abbreviation for that book
< > 1st appearance is in book of abbreviation listed
aaj Author and Journalist (newsletter)
ada Adam (magazine)
adv Adventure (magazine)
ahm Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
amz Amazing Stories (magazine)
and And the Gods Laughed
ang Angels and Spaceships
apm American Poetry Magazine
apr The American Printer (newsletter)
art article
asf Astounding Science Fiction (magazine)
avo Avon Detective Mysteries (magazine)
bae Baen (publisher) (1992)
bal Ballantine Books (1977)
ban Bantam Books
bbd Black Book Detective Magazine
bef Before She Kills
ber Berkley (publisher) (1973)
bes The Best Short Stories of Fredric Brown
bey Beyond Fantasy Fiction (magazine)
bfb The Best of Fredric Brown
blo The Bloody Moonlight
bma Black Mask (magazine)
brd Boardman (publisher)
bro Brother Monster
cag Carroll and Graf Publishers (1988, !989)
car Carnival of Crime (1985)
cas The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches
cfu Captain Future (magazine)
cgi Corgi (publisher) (1962)
clu Clues (magazine)
cmr The Coin Machine Review (newsletter)
cno collection of novels
cnt Coronet (magazine)
col column
com Compliments of a Fiend
con condensation of the novel
cop collection of poems
day Daymares
dbo Detective Book (magazine)
dea The Dead Ringer
dee The Deep End
dfe Dell First Edition
dfw Detective Fiction Weekly (magazine)
dim Dime Mystery (magazine)
dmg Dollar Mystery Guild Book Club (1954)
dmp Dennis McMillan Publications
doo Death Has Many Doors
drg D.R. Godine (publisher) (1986)
dss Detective Short Story (magazine)
dta Detective Tales (magazine)
dud The Dude (magazine)
dut Dutton (publisher)
dya Detective Yarns (magazine)
eas Easton Press (1987)
ede Exciting Detective (magazine)
een Excavating Engineer (newsletter)
emm Ed McBain's Mystery Book (magazine)
emy Exciting Mystery (magazine)
eqm Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
ext extract
fab The Fabulous Clipjoint
fal Fall
fan Fantastic (magazine)
far The Far Cry
fau Fantastic Universe (magazine)
fee Feedstuffs (newsletter)
fer Fermented Ink
fiv The Five-Day Nightmare
fno 4 Novels (1983)
for Ford Dealer (newsletter)
fre The Freak Show Murders
fsf The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
gar Garland (publisher) (1983)
gde Giant Detective (magazine)
gen Gent (magazine)
gib The Gibbering Night
glz Gollancz (publisher) (1955)
gmb Gold Medal Books (1962)
gmd G-Men Detective (magazine)
gol Goliard (publisher)
gpr Gregg Press (1979, 1983)
gra Grafton (publishers) (1987)
gsf Galaxy Science Fiction (magazine)
had High Adventure (magazine)
ham Hamlyn (publishers) (1979)
hap Happy Ending
haq Harlan Quist (publisher) (1971)
hcb hard cover book
her Here Comes a Candle
his His Name Was Death
hol Hollywood (newsletter)
hom Homicide Sanitarium
hon Honeymoon in Hell
hug Hughes High School Yearbook
ind Independent Salesman (newsletter)
inv Inventor, The (newsletter)
kno Knock Three-One-Two
lan Lancer Books
lat The Late Lamented
lay The Layman's Magazine
len The Lenient Beast
let letter to or from someone
lss The Lights in the Sky Are Stars
mad Madball
man Manhunt (magazine)
mbm Mystery Book Magazine
mcb Murder Can Be Fun
mco miscellaneous collection
mde Masked Detective (magazine)
mer Merlin Press (1959)
mgh Martians, Go Home!
mho Madman's Holiday
mos Mostly Murder
mrs Mrs. Murphy's Underpants
mth The Mind Thing
mur The Murderers
mwd The Michigan Well Driller (newsletter)
mwh The Mystery Writer's Handbook (1956)
mwr miscellaneous writings
nag Nightmares and Geezenstacks
nde New Detective (magazine)
ndo Nelson Doubleday (publisher) (1976)
nel New English Library (1982)
nid Nightmare in Darkness
nja Night of the Jabberwock
nvl novel
nvt novelette
off The Office, The
one One for the Road
oth Other Worlds Science Fiction (magazine)
par Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter
pbo Pennant Books (1954)
pde Phantom Detective (magazine)
pic The Pickled Punks
pla play
plo Paradox Lost
ply Playboy (magazine)
poe poem
pop Popular Detective (magazine)
ppr Phantasia Press (1987)
pre a previously unpublished fantasy ending
pst Planet Stories (magazine)
qui A Quill Classic (1987, 1990)
quz quiz
red Red Is the Hue of Hell
rha Robert Hale (publisher) (1976)
rho Random House (publisher)
rog Rogue (magazine)
rsp Rogue in Space
rtw Report to Writers (newsletter)
scr The Screaming Mimi
sde The Saint Detective/Mystery Magazine
sdm Strange Detective Mysteries (magazine)
sel Selling Death Short
ser serial
sex Sex Life on the Planet Mars
sfb Science Fiction Book Club
sfc Science Fiction Carnival
sha The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders
siu The Southern Illinois University Press (1985)
smh Space on My Hands
smm Shadow Mystery Magaizne
spr Spring
spu Shasta Publishers
ssd Street and Smith Detective Story (magazine)
ssf Shadow Suite, Fifteen Poems
ssm Street and Smith Mystery Magazine
sss Super Science Stories (magazine)
sst short story
sta Startling Stories (magazine)
stc story collection
swa Swank (magazine)
tda Ten Detective Aces (magazine)
tde Thrilling Detective (magazine)
tdm Two Detective Mystery Novels Magazine
thi Thirty Corpses Every Thursday
thm Thrilling Mystery (magazine)
thr Three-Corpse Parlay
tlr Talisman Literary Research (1981)
top Tops In Science Fiction (magazine)
tow Tower (publisher) (1965)
tsd Ten Story Detective (magazine)
tws Thrilling Wonder Stories (magazine)
unf unfinished work
unk Unknown (magazine)
vbo Viking Books (Black Lizard) (1991)
vde Variety Detective (magazine)
vin vignette
wat Water Walker
wea We All Killed Grandma
wen The Wench Is Dead
wha What Mad Universe
whi Whispering Death
who Who Was That Blonde I Saw You Kill Last Night?
wor Worlds Beyond (magazine)
wss Western Short Story (magazine)
wta Weird Tales (magazine)
zbo Zamba Books